Buffalo Style Chicken Wings

I LOVE chicken wings. I think if it was my last day today on earth, I would ask for a huge bucket of chicken wings with a cold beer, or Coca Cola from the bottle, ice cold.

Chicken wing fact: Did you know that an estimated 1.25 billion chicken wings will be eaten during the Super Bowl?! 

I'm going to become a statistic and add into those numbers buy doing my own version of a classic buffalo wing recipe.

Start off by creating your batter • 1 cup all purpose flour • 3/4 cup corn starch • 1 tbsp garlic powder | dried parsley | basil | red chilli flakes for the batter • mix all that in a big bowl • now make your sauce • heat 1/2 stick butter • add 4 tbsp of your favourite hot sauce • add more if your feeling brave • warm your veg or canola oil at medium until right temperature for frying • coat your wings in batter • place in fryer • fry until golden brown • toss wings in sauce right away • coat well and enjoy 

Tandoori Jerk Chicken Wings

Sinple as that - take tandoori paste and combine it with jerk paste. Mix it with 1/2 lime and marinde for 12 hours. 

Need I say more.

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Click on the video on how to make crispy chicken wings