So everyone's coming over for the holidays. You need to clean, decorate, organize, and on top of that cook?

Screw that! Enjoy the holidays. Leave the cooking to us with Ricks Good Eats Catering!

We'll bring you the most delicious fusion recipes with classic and innovative flavours. One of our favourite things is creating custom dishes just for you. Check out our catering menu for your next intimate gathering or huge party, we can handle it all. Email and book your holiday dinners with us so you can enjoy that extra quality time with friends and family.



Butter Chicken • Chicken thighs marinated, hand shredded, and tossed in a rich and creamy tomato sauce.
Punjabi Cheeseburger • Minced beef marinated with Punjabi spices, mixed with sharp cheddar cheese & a touch of fresh red onions.
Jerk Chicken • BBQ Jerk chicken thighs hand shredded and tossed with sautéed peppers and onions. 
Tandoori Jerk Chicken Samosa • An ode to the immigrant influences in Brampton. Our spiciest flavour.
Chicken Pot Pie • Our signature flaky pastry is filled with braised chicken, homestyle gravy, herb and garlic stuffing, potatoes, carrots and peas. Perfect for the holidays!
Dosa • An ode to South India as we recreate the famous stuffing inside of a dosa • potatoes and spinach with whole mustard seeds and curry leaves for a punch of flavour. 100% Vegan
Creamy Channa Masala • A Sunday classic, remixed in our own way. Traditional channe mixed with potatoes, a little cream cheese, fresh red onions and green chillies. Move over grandma, this is a new classic. 
Cheesy Bean Burrito • Mexican-Punjabi style rice, beans, and a whole lotta cheese
Ras Malai Cheesecake • Our first dessert samosa is a collaboration with classically trained pastry chef Simmy Jassal of Wake and Bake. We take our own spin on the awesome flavours of ras malai. Cocktail sized samosa's, stuffed with a cheesecake cardamom filling, finished by tossing in cinnamon sugar. 
Apple Pie • Sweet and tart. Fresh McIntosh apples are caramelized down with cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. They are then filled in our signature flaky pastry and finished a touch of cinnamon sugar. The best part is that these samosa's are 100% Vegan!


Regular Size

Meat Samosas

50 Samosas - $100
150 Samosas - $295 (Mix 2 flavours - add $30)
250 Samosas - $490 (Mix 2 flavours - add $30)
500 Samosas - $975 (mix 2 flavours)

Vegetarian and Dessert

50 Samosas - $80
150 Samosas - $240 (Mix 2 flavours - add $30)
250 Samosas - $400 (Mix 2 flavours - add $30)
500 Samosas - $800 (Mix 2 flavours - add $30)


Creamy Channa Masala
Roasted, masala-coated chickpeas in a cream sauce.

Shahi Paneer
Paneer, an Indian hard cheese, in a savoury tomato cream sauce with masala veggies.

Tandoori Jerk Chicken
An Indian and Jamaican fusion BBQ chicken layered with spicy tomato sauce and masala veggies.

Butter Chicken Mac N' Cheese
Rick's specialty. You know it's good!





Kuchumber Salad
Tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, in a flavourful vinaigrette. Greek option adds feta and olives to the salad

RGE Coleslaw
Shredded cabbage base with signature creamy dressing. Available with a vinaigrette substitute.

Caesar Salad ft. Tandoori Bacon
Rick's Specialty. YES! TANDOORI BACON!





Rajma Bean Dip
Our take on a layered bean dip featuring traditional Punjabi kidney bean stew. Served with our signature Hari Sauce.

Channa Masala Hummus
Roasted masala chickpeas and tahini.

Korean BBQ Sliders - Paneer or Chicken
Korean-style marinated paneer, an Indian hard cheese, or chicken featuring our RGE Coleslaw,

Falafel Chaat
A Mediterranean twist on a classic Indian appetizer. Layers of crisps, falafel, tabouleh, potatoes, chickpeas, and our signature Hari Sauce.

Gol Guppa's- Sweet or Savoury
A Indian street food favourite is a hands-on experience. Fried shells are cracked and filled with either our savoury or sweet sauce.

Salmon Stuffed Mushrooms
Rick's specialty featuring Tandoori Salmon.

Kebabs in a Blanket
A take on a childhood staple, the hotdogs are replaced with kebabs rolled in a flakey pastry. Served with our signature Hari Sauce for dipping.

Fruit Chaat
A unique Indian salad featuring seasonal fruits and herbs

Matri - Sweet or Savoury
Indian chips available in either our original savoury flavour or our sweet flavour called the Cinnamon Toast Matri.

Gogi's Biryani - Chicken or Veggie
Mandy's specialty. Layered with caramelized onions and served with our signature Hari Sauce

Rick's Butter Chicken or Shahi Paneer
Rick's Specialty.



Email and book your holiday dinners with us so you can enjoy that extra quality time with friends and family.